Despite All the Negative Coverage, AP Admits That Trump Is Keeping His Promises

The Democrats and the mainstream media have found every negative angle to run on President Donald Trump during his first year as president.

Despite the swirl of negative attention that has accompanied the president’s moves, he has actually kept many of his campaign promises, as the Associated Press noted Monday.

His administration got off to a rocky start and has yet to come through on the big-ticket items like making Mexico pay for the border wall and health care reform, but he has had some big wins.

The following includes just some of his accomplishments so far.

The Tax Overhaul

Trump maximized his conservative pull in Congress, and he made sure millions of Americans will get to keep the money they’ve worked so hard for. It’s been so successful that even Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has admitted his plan is working.


Trump successfully removed the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and his tax plan encourages companies to stay in the United States and enjoy lower taxes. This is to hopefully coax companies into coming back into the country and to spend their money on American soil.


Trump shook the world when he announced his travel ban on persons coming into the country from several predominantly Muslim nations. His policy has always been “America First,” and he’s working extensively to protect the southern border.

He’s still in the process of securing funds for the wall and making the legal process more rigorous for immigrants wishing to sponsor family members.


Trump made big promises on not letting other countries dictate America’s foreign policy, and when it comes to energy, that means pulling out of the Paris climate accord. He approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, and he just recently opened up millions of acres of ocean water for offshore drilling.

The first year is in the books, and there’s three more to go to make good on the rest of his promises.

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