CNN’s Acosta Asks Trump If He Only Wants ‘White’ Immigrants — Trump Points at Him and Says One Word

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump met with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. And when it came time for questions from the press, CNN’s Jim Acosta had some things to ask.

His first question for Trump was regarding the president’s reported comment about wanting more people to come to the United States from Norway.

“Mr. President, did you say that you want more people to come in from Norway? … Is that true, Mr. President?” Acosta asked.

Trump replied, “I want them to come in from everywhere, everywhere.”

Acosta wasn’t finished with his questions, though. He decided to add a race-themed question next.

Acosta said: “Just Caucasian or white countries, sir, or do you want people come in from other parts of the world where there are people of color?”

Trump had a one-word response to Acosta. “Out,” he said.

Acosta shared the experience in a series of tweets:

Trump hasn’t said anything about what happened yet. But Acosta is no stranger to controversy with the president.

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer last week, Acosta said, “The president of the United States just seems to have a problem, Wolf, in this area. And we can tiptoe around it, we can dance around it and not really put our finger on it, but the president seems to harbor racist feelings about people of color.”

You can watch Acosta’s exchange with Trump in the video below.


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