Lynch wears a T-shirt with a divisive message, is hidden during anthem protest

The typically quiet Marshawn Lynch has always let his actions speak louder than his words, and Sunday afternoon was no different.

Lynch first made headlines this season by sitting down and eating a banana during the national anthem, then refused to talk about it.

He probably won’t have to talk about this controversy. It already says a lot.

Lynch was wearing an “Everybody Vs. Trump” T-shirt prior to the Oakland Raiders’ game with Denver Broncos.

Never mind that “everyone” can’t be against President Donald Trump because he was elected in a democratic election, but Lynch’s shirt is the epitome of divisive politics and shows how increasingly out of touch Lynch is.

The biggest sign of the ridiculous nature of his shirt is the price tag.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, those shirts are a hefty $45 and produced by Oakland-based Dope Era.

A cursory glance at the Dope Era home page reveals shirts of a dubious nature, including shirts that glorified O.J. Simpson killing women.

But more importantly, neither Dope Era nor Lynch have shown what good they plan on doing after the transaction of a $45 T-shirt.

For all the divisiveness that Colin Kaepernick has sown, he has at least donated nearly $1 million to causes that he deems charitable. Lynch has made no indication what he plans on contributing, and Dope Era makes no indication if the money they make with divisive anti-Trump shirts are going to any charitable causes.

Lynch again sat for the national anthem prior to the Raiders taking on the Broncos.

In an attempt to mitigate photo opportunities showcasing Lynch disrespecting the national anthem, Raiders staffers surrounded Lynch during the anthem.

Both the Broncos and Raiders are trying to keep pace with the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West. You’d think that neither team would want any distractions.

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